Legislation will not be changed for us who are living in limbo

Interview with Minister for Children, Frances Fitzgerald and the Chairperson of the Adoption Authority of Ireland was an insulting blow for adult adoptees in Ireland. The legislation will not be changed for us who are living in limbo. There will be those who will be disappointed she says….that is not the word I would use. DEVASTATED is far more appropriate for the thousands of adopted people that are not allowed access to files, in contrast to other countries. There will be no retrospective tracing rights for adopted people but there will be openness in future adoptions. So basically we are being told to go away now. It is everyone’s and not just future adoptees, to have a right to their identity. What is this obsession with foreign adoptions? Is it so that Ireland can be seen to be doing the right thing? I think it is time to clean up problems on their own soil before trying to sort the problems abroad.

If you disagree with Ms Fitzgerald please email her at  frances.fitzgerald@oir.ie or omc@health.gov.ie


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