Birth Register

1938 – 1968 – Nurse Doody

I was contacted recently by the grandson of Nurse Doody who was one of the people involved in my ‘illegal’ adoption in 1954. Upon clearing out his own mothers’ house which was once St Judes, Howth Rd, he came upon the Birth Register of his grandmother, Nurse Doody. The register dates from 1938-1968 with a total of 1,000 names. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help me as my entry has my adoptive mother down as the birth mother meaning my records were falsified immediately after birth. However, I hope they will help other people. Some of the entries state ‘Up for adoption’ so I am assuming that in those cases the birth mother’s name is correct.

Fotolia 23610323 XSWhen the files were first discovered he approached the authorities who asto

nishingly were not interested. As he felt they would be destroyed he then approached me. After all the promises the Irish government has made with helping adoptees access files, they were uninterested. There are 1,000 adoptees on that register out there like me searching and begging for an identity while these files are being overlooked. How many other files I wonder has the Irish authorities purposely overlooked?. It is a total disgrace and against our Human Rights.

If anyone thinks that their birth was arranged by Nurse Doody between 1938-1968 please get in touch with me if you require information.

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