Call for investigation into illegal adoptions.

While much of the recent report centered on Mother and Baby homes, tens of thousands who were born outside the institutions investigated by this inquiry, have been excluded; particularly those who were illegally adopted.  The numbers here are staggering as up to 15,000 people may have been illegally adopted. Why are illegally adopted people being discriminated against?.

In 2018 Minister Leo Varadkar apologized to the 126 illegal registrations from St Patrick’sillegally adopted. The numbers here are staggering as up to 15,000 people may have been illegally adopted.  guild stating ““We have now very clear evidence that there were illegal registrations at the St Patricks Guild”.   I myself have provided clear evidence to previous Ministers for Children, in the form of a HSE file and Nurse Doody’s register of births from 1938-1968 found in the attic of her nursing home St Judes, Howth Rd, Dublin. Once again why are illegally adopted people discriminated against?

In 2019 Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, UN special rapporteur again called for a full-scale inquiry into the scale of forced and illegal adoptions that occurred in Ireland. Why is this request being ignored?

Every single day illegally adopted people are giving medical professionals false, misleading, and potentially lethal family medical histories.

Illegally adopted people continually live in, limbo without an identity, deprived of their basic human right.

  • We are asking for a full investigation immediately into this practice which has been ignored for decades.
  • We are also asking for acknowledgment of what happened.
  • The provision of free DNA tests for those who have no paperwork or records.
  • Free counseling to be offered to those who request it.

Theresa Tinggal

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