Adoption Stories - Sharon Lawless

A Flawless Films Production - a 6wk documentary showing different aspects of adoption.

Thurs 17 Jan 2013

Maureen Downey-Hickey was born in a mother and baby home in Cork and stayed with her mother there until she was adopted to the US at 2 years of age. Returning to her birthplace for the first time in 50 years, she hopes to make contact with her natural mother during her trip. Elayne Sherlock decided to look for her natural mother when her own daughter, Joy, was born 12 years ago. She made contact through the original adoption agency, but after years of letters, calls and cancelled meetings, she called a halt to the upsetting communication. It was only then she discovered she wasn't the only one...

Thur 2nd June 2011

The Morning Show- Adoption Story - Fri 6th May 2011

We were classed as 'Defacto' adoptees, the Adoption Board's favourite preferred name for us and 'Illegal' adoptees, which we are. However, the HSE has come up with 'Registered Illegally'...adoptee being dropped altogether. Somehow I don't think they want us to have any identity at all .... not even 'adoptee' status. This was the response on the the above TV show from the HSE when asked about help for illegal for illegal adoptees in accessing their files.

Orla & Freds Story - Thurs 10th Jan 2013







Claire Daly - Leaders Questions

The Dail 9th Oct 2013

Although we didn't get exactly what we wanted from our meeting with Frances Fitzgerald it has indeed had a knock on effect. Because of the media publicity afterwards Clare was inundated with messages from mothers looking for their children and now Enda cannot deny or ignore us for long....he is perfectly aware of our issue due to the endless emails supporters have sent to him over the past few months..please continue doing this to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Theresa Hiney Tinggal

Touching Letter to Frances Fitzgerald - Minister for Children by an adoptee

Happy birthday Senator. I assume you knew your mother. She rased you with love and kindness. Bathing you, changing nappy, dressing, feeding, educating, playing games with you, showing her love of you in all the myriad forms a mother shows her daughter she is loved. Please indulge, me for a moment Senator and please attempt to imagine you had never met your mother, never knew one detail about ...her or the circumstance of your birth, including who your father is.This is my fate, living in a modern, civilised Ireland. Not allowed to have a birth certificate, a basic building block of identity. Not allowed to know the name of my mother, or the name she would have wanted for me, another basic building block of identity. I and many others in this Christian society suffer this fate. The State disallows me my identity, my true identity, I am supposed to be happy with a false identity, a lie of a family, as none of us are related by blood. I am supposed to accept this discrimination against the very foundation of me as a person and get on with my false life. Knowing all the while that my details are on record only the State will not allow me access.Think of all your mother did for you, the smiles, the quite moments shared in the simple knowledge that you are loved and you love your mother and father. Now please imagine never having any of this in your life. All your happy childhood,your schooling, teen years, all you ever shared with your mother gone, never existed, just a dream.

What would you imagine your life would be like if you had never been allowed to meet or identify your mother? Knowing my true mother is out there and powerless to find her. In my opinion, this is barbaric treatment of one human being by the State of Ireland. As you are an elected representative of this State that denies me my identity, I feel I should wish you a happy birthday, something I have never known in my 55 years, as every birthday is a pain filled experience, full of wishing, longing, yearning to know and even just once, see my mothers face. I can never be a whole citizen of this State as the State itself is against me. I have to accept now as we all get older, each passing year lessens the chance of ever seeing my true mother's face. I have to hold you responsible, you and all politicians in this twisted and immoral Governmental system that denies me and all adopties, the basic human right to the fundamental knowledge of my true identity. Enjoy your birthday Frances.

Tárlach Ó Maoláin – taken from Adoption Rights Alliance